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The first reaction of anyone who finds mold in their house is usually to panic. So much has been written and displayed in the media about the danger of mold that many people assume they will have to gut the area the mold is in and rebuild. In fact, there are several different ways to professionally remove mold, and most of them will not involve a major remodeling project.

Professional mold removal can be done in several different ways depending on the location of the mold and its amount. Mold that grows in air ducts, for example, is usually cleared out with high-powered blowers, using no chemicals or other substances that might harm a family or pets. By clearing out the mold from this area, most families immediately notice a reduction in symptoms such as breathing problems and watery eyes. In cases where the mold is growing under a carpet or through a wall, it's possible to kill the mold with a variety of eco-friendly chemicals and prevent it from returning. To find the best solution for your home's mold problem speak to a professional mold removal service today.

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