Dry Rot Repair

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Dry Rot Repair for a Healthier, Safer, More Energy Efficient Home

Dry rot is a dangerous thing to have in your home because of the damage it can do to the structural integrity of the building. Taking steps to remedy any dry rot issues you have early on can be very important to maintain a healthy and safe home. You want to be sure that your contractor is insured before you work with him or her. In some states, insurance for work like this is mandatory for all contractors. In other states, the insurance requirements are a little more lax. Even if this insurance isn't mandatory in your state, it's still a smart thing to look for in a contractor. Before going too far, you should get some quotes from the contractors that you're most interested in working with. This can help you find a contractor who's within your price range much faster. When you finally settle on a contractor, you should be willing to put down around 25 per cent as a deposit on the dry rot repair service. This is a normal practice that most contractors will require before they even consider working with you. Don't allow them to talk you into paying too much more than 25 per cent up front.

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