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Drywall Installation for a Healthier, Safer, More Energy Efficient Home

Drywall is seen by many as one of the first lines of defense in the fight for energy efficiency in homes and other buildings around the world. It's generally the first component that air makes contact with as it attempts to leak out of the building. Having old drywall replaced by new, thermally-resistant drywall can make a big impact on your overall energy consumption for heating and cooling. Finding contractors who understand the long-term savings that come from high-quality drywall can be essential. The contractor should also have access to at least one or two other people who can help him or her with the drywall work. Drywall sheets come in large panels that can be very difficult for one person to carry. They can also inadvertently bend and break if they are not carried by one person on both sides. When you find a contractor who has one or two trusted workers to help out on the job, the whole process goes by much faster.

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