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Ceiling Fan Installation for a Healthier, Safer, More Energy Efficient Home

A poorly-installed ceiling fan can be a very dangerous thing to have in the house. The amount of force generated by the motor inside even a small ceiling fan can easily work the fan off of a bad mount. This can completely erase the very real health benefits that come along with the greater air-circulation these fans provide. If you want a ceiling fan installed directly into your ceiling and tapped into your home's wiring system, you'll need to work with someone who's licensed. Different states use different criteria when they're licensing contractors for this type of work. The licensing requirements don't exist because of the ceiling fan. They exist because working with residential wiring requires a lot of training to avoid the creation of fire hazards. Ask your contractor what type of rates they offer. You can do this via a quick request for a quote or you can get more in-depth with it.

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